Sequence depth in plastid genome assembly

A Targeted Enrichment Strategy for Massively Parallel Sequencing of Angiosperm Plastid Genomes

Our paper by Greg Stull and others just came out in Applications in Plant Sciences outlining the use of Agilent SureSelect targeted enrichment to facilitate rapid and low-cost next-generation sequencing… Read More

NGS data processing for phylogenetics

Making next-generation sequencing work for you

Our paper outlining how next-generation sequencing can be used in phylogenetics research has just beenpublished in Plant Ecology and Diversity. Grant Godden, Ingrid Jordn-Thaden et al review approaches and considerations… Read More


Phylogenetic placement of the genus Saniculiphyllum (Saxifragaceae)

Xiang, C.-L., M. A. Gitzendanner, D. E. Soltis, H. Peng, L.-G. Lei. 2012. Phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic and critically endangered genus Saniculiphyllum (Saxifragaceae) inferred from combined analysis of plastid… Read More


Use and guidelines for plant DNA analyses in forensics

One of the side projects I’ve revisited from time to time is the application of plant DNA analyses in forensics. I’ve done some work on a couple of cases and… Read More

Patch of Ziziphus plants with clones indicated by different colors

High clonality in Ziziphus celata

We recently published a paper that outlines the patterns of genetic diversity in the highly endangered Ziziphus celata. Over the past several years, we’ve been using microsatellites to study genetic… Read More